2021 In Review ✨🥳

A collage style photo of the top moments for my small business in 2021. A photo to ring in the new year and celebrate a year of growth and achievement.

2021 IN REVIEW: ✨🥳

2021 has been a year of MAJOR growth for this business of mine and I owe it all to YOU for making that happen! As the year is ending soon, I figured it would be fun and rewarding to round up a few top memories that stand out to me as shaping moments for HWD! The year started off with a bang when my Tik Tok went viral, ended with my very first in person popup market, and A LOT of other BIG things happened in between. I couldn’t have made it this far without you all, so take this as a virtual hug from me to you for supporting my business and helping me follow my dreams!🤍


Small business owner holding a handful of pink packages.

#1: My first viral Tik Tok video

A last-minute video I created of myself unboxing brand new coffee keychains went viral on Tik Tok and I got more orders in one weekend than I had previously been getting over several weeks!! After this video went viral, I gained followers (aka friends😉) and started to see more consistent sales across the board from there on out.


Clear beer can glass cup with white vinyl saying 'here is your sign to follow your dreams' filled with iced coffee.

#2: Launched a brand-new product!

Early on this year I branched out my product line and added glassware to the items I offer! This new product skyrocketed my sales and boosted my business A LOT! Adding new product types to a business is scary since there are so many unknowns, but I hope to add a few more in 2022 again!


Blonde teenage girl wearing long sleeve white crewneck in a sunflower field in the summer. The crewneck has embroidered three smiley faces with the words 'no bad days' on it.

#3: New collection and brand style evolved

Over the summer I released the No Bad Days apparel collection with new tees and crews! This was the first line of apparel I launched that I saw a significant number of sales from, but it also helped me figure out my branding and determine the “style” I have in mind for my business/products. The simple design pattern of this apparel has evolved into the HWD brand and it’s all thanks to the release of the No Bad Days collection!

Small business owner desk and office setup with a white desk, pegboard, and laptop. Pink packages are packing supplies are on the desk.

#4: Set up HWD headquarters (my at home office space)

After waiting months for a new pegboard and office accessories to be delivered, I was finally able to set up an office that is versatile and useable as a business space! Yes, HWD HQ is in my bedroom at home, but it gives me enough space to work, create, and run this business smoothly!


Pile of rainbow colored poly mailers filled with products after a new business launch.

#5: New launches were successful!

This past fall I had a small amount of product launches, but my business was growing, allowing each launch to improve! My spooky crewneck for Halloween was one of my first sell-out items, making me feel MUCH more confident in the new design and brand style that I had been beginning to incorporate into my products!


College dorm room decorated in pink, white, and gold decor, featuring organized totes and shelves with small business supplies.

#6: Moved my business into my college dorm room😅

This was arguably the biggest feat of all! I somehow managed to move my ENTIRE business into my college dorm room, store nearly everything under my bed, and run the business smoothly out of such a small space. Looking back, I’m still not quite sure how I did it, but somehow it worked! Although I will say, I’m not quite ready to switch back to this business style for spring semester yet, haha!


Large pile of pink and purple polymailers filled with products after black friday weekend.


 Black Friday/Cyber Monday was the biggest weekend for my business TO DATE! I received more orders than ever before and was humbled by all your support. It’s still crazy to me that so many people all over the world wear/use my designs and products! 🤍


Small business owner holding large box of blank inventory to prep for restocks!

#8: Sell-outs and restocks galore!

This year I sold out of more products than ever before! I was constantly updating inventory and ordering more stock of crewnecks, t-shirts, keychains, glassware, etc. Fall of 2021 is when business really started to take off (small business owners know, Q4 is insane!) so I was coming home from college often to pick up new inventory or make more products for restocks.


Holiday market pop up set up with large tent and colorful crewnecks, t-shirts, totebags, keychains, stickers, and glassware.

#9: My first popup market 🥳

Despite the VERY rainy, freezing and windy weather, I did my first popup market!! It was SO fun to meet a few of you in person and meet new customers along the way! After over a year of running my business from behind a screen, meeting people in real life was refreshing and rewarding all at once!


Overall, 2021 has been QUITE the year! It had its challenges, but overall, this was a year I always want to remember. Thank YOU for helping my business grow, evolve, and improve in 2021, and here’s to an even better 2022!


✨Happy New Year!

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